Never waste a crisis

Many politicians follow the model of never wasting a crisis.  In their view a crisis provides an opportunity to pass legislation that aligns with their interests.  Businesses also work in this fashion.  The NRA and many gun stores have used the tragedy in Connecticut to increase membership and sales respectively.  They have used new marketing tools such as social media to reach out to their target audience with a message that their gun ownership and rights are in danger due to the tragedy.  Gun companies have reported huge jumps in sales since the tragedy and the NRA has been using communications to drive membership.  The tactic of never wasting a crisis is now spreading to the business world more and more.

Not Black Enough????

An ESPN personality this week questioned the blackness of Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins this week. He noted that RGIII has a white finance and might be a Republican along with his answer to a question about being a black quarterback. As many of us have seen since his the beginning of his NFL career, RGIII rarely missteps when speaking to the media. He is the perfect example of how good marketing combined with a good product can transcend racial barriers. With the continued growth of media markets happening today, why would expect anything else but a person trying to capitalized on the successes he has, while showcasing his character that is appealing to the masses? Why must we question the authenticity of a person who appears to have everything in order and says the correct thing most of the time? Marketing is marketing and the better a product or person looks the easier it is for them to gain loyalty from the consumer. So the real question should be why must try to tarnish everything that shines?

Just like Ricky Bobby says – If you’re not first your last! Marketing and the Media

24 hour news has created an environment where cable news companies, bloggers, reporters, newspaper writers, and radio personalities attempt to be first in reporting when a story breaks. This competition in my opinion has decreased the necessary need of factual information.  Gone are the days of waiting for the exact facts for a story.  Today everything is put out as opinion and facts come later along with reprisals. Companies market that they are the news leaders and therefore they have to be first in reporting.  No need to be correct right now since eventually we will provide the correct information later.  In an episode of the “Newsroom” on HBO they portrayed the coverage of the congresswoman in Arizona being shot.  Many of the competitor outlets on the episode pronounced the congresswoman dead, however the news team of the show decided to wait for factual information.  This is the day we live in where a fictional show is portraying the correct way to cover news, not the actual news show we watch daily.

Relationship Marketing – Not just business

Social dating sites are all the rage right now.  Marketing to singles that they can meet their perfect match by using a profile that aligns them with people they have something in common with.  This has turned into a multi-million dollar industry and has become a staple in our society today.  Just like normal marketing a strong marketing campaign (nice profile) can lead to consumers (dates) being intrigued by this new product (you).  However, just like a business you must confirm the value of the product (you) and the consumer (dates) to develop some type of loyalty to the product.  Good luck to all of you in your Marketing campaigns.

Your Online Marketing Profile

In this social media age personal information if flowing more freely than ever. You can communicate and share information with friends, family, and associates.  This type of access and freedom can come at a cost.  Have you ever taken a picture during a fun evening not expecting it to show up on your Facebook page or made a comment on Twitter to a friend who the retweeted it out to hundreds of other people?  In this digital age your digital image is somewhat of a marketing campaign.  Employers can search online to find pictures or comments that you have made in the past.  In Europe many background screening companies run routine Google checks on their perspective applicants.  This allows them to cover things that normally won’t show up on background check.  How are you marketing yourself online?  Are you endangering your position or future position in your perspective company? That is question you have to ask yourself before you decide to post that picture from Mardi Gras in February.

Next Big Thing

The Galaxy 3 product launch combined an outstanding product with a very innovative campaign aimed at users of all ages.  The marketing campaign highlighted the impressive new features, but maintained a level of non-technical appeal.  It directly went after the main competitor and giant in the industry, Apple.  It used humor to appeal to the masses while not overwhelming the message about their product.  Their marketing campaign is one of the best of 2012.  Some of the features are below. 

S Beam. “Beam” photos, videos and music between Samsung Galaxy S III devices simply by touching their backs.

Share Shot. Connect to a nearby friend’s Galaxy S III and share photos with each other instantly.

AllShare Play. Connect and stream multimedia content to your Samsung SmartTV or compatible home audio systems, tablets and laptops.

Pop Up Play*. It’s like picture-in-picture for your smartphone. Watch HD videos while you surf, email or text.

S Voice. It responds to your words. You tell it what to do. Call Charlie’s Mobile. Play my work-out playlist. Find an Italian restaurant.

Smart Stay. It knows when you’re watching. As long as you’re looking at the phone, it maintains a bright display.

Motion Gestures. Swipe, and it captures the screen. Put the phone to your head, and it makes a call. Interact with your phone in totally new ways.

Effective or Ineffective

It’s coming down to the end of another Presidential election.  Thousands of ads have been used on television as well as radio.  The question is, are these ads still effective and if they are how much longer will they continue to be effective?  The traditional methods of political marketing such as lawn signs and door to door visits are quickly losing traction. It seems that politicians are looking to get the most bang for their buck and are focusing all of their resources on television and radio ads.  It is my opinion that social media such as Twitter and Facebook are going to be the main venues politicians use future elections and Television ads will go on the wayside.  TV has changed.  DVR’s and hoppers are being used to skip commercials and on demand content is growing in leaps in bounds. Soon everyone will stop watching commercials and this will lead to the end of political ads. Well that’s my hope.