Ethics and Emerging Media

In my discussion post I labeled Emerging Media as “Self Service”.  I described this as the consumers way of determine what and when they receive marketing for a product or service.  To make this work many companies would have to use data mining to identify trends and patterns of the consumer.  Data mining systems can identify what products you look at online, what you like on Facebook, and who you follow on twitter.  This brings up the question of ethics.  Is it ethical for a company to basically dig into your daily life so they can determine what you like best?  Many people call the Government big brother and voice their opposition to any type of perceived spying, but most people don’t even think twice about how a company comes across your email address or how they know you like that item on a website.  We are in an information age and the amount of data about you will continue to increase.  The question is how far is too far for a company to dig up the information about you?


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